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Like you, we love when things are efficient, streamlined, organized and it’s easy to find the solutions you’re looking for! Attention to detail, communication and honest are of the utmost importance to us in order to help you successfully navigate whatever goal you have in mind. are Without further ado- let’s see if what I and the Sheil Team at Randall Realtors Compass can offer, checks the boxes, answers your questions, and most importantly to see if this is a great fit!

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One of the many reasons I wanted to work for an incredible company like the Sheil Team at Randall Realtors Compass is, in my opinion, when it comes to marketing and thinking outside-the-box- they’re the best.

At Randall Realtors Compass, we want what’s best for our sellers, we want to help achieve their goals, be there for them above and beyond, and make this process as stress-less as possible! Most importantly- we want their home to be SEEN by everyone! In addition to the marketing of the Randall Realtors Compass brand- I also have a love and passion for unique content marketing and social media strategy across all popular social media platforms where your buyers are starting their search (youtube, podcasting, instagram, blogging, facebook, linked in) I understand how important it is to be unique, different, stand out, and think outside of the box (especially in today’s world) so we can get your property sold and sold efficiently!

Your home has a story to tell and I will make sure it’s told from the rooftops via professional photography, drone photography (I’m a FAA Part 107A Certified Drone Pilot) and lifestyle videos featuring your property to really grab the buyers attention and help them envision themselves as the future owner of your property. My goal is to help your future buyer fall in love with what YOU fell in love with in the first place.

I also believe in education and learning the process. Both buying and selling (and sometimes at the same time!) can be a stressful process. There are so many layers involved! However, I and my team at Randall Realtors, are on a  mission to help you understand each step so you can feel confident about what is happening and have a team ready to answer any questions you might have!

To learn more about the home selling process, kindly CLICK HERE to download your complimentary “Love Selling Your Narragansett Home” guide before we meet!


Whether you’re a first-time home buyer (YAY!), looking for an investment property, your forever home, or searching for your family’s beach getaway- you’re in the right “room.”

As you already know (or you wouldn’t be looking in Narragansett!), Narragansett is a special place. Like you, my husband and I are never leaving! What I love most is the opportunity & positive atmosphere here. It’s a place to raise a family with great school systems. It’s a place to create additional income via investment properties. It’s a place to visit and take that “work-from-home-life” to an elevated level!

Point being, whatever your “home-buying” goals might be for here in Narragansett, we’ve got you covered! I and my team at Randall Realtors, love helping people understand the process, feel comfortable, confident, and taken care of. We will work diligently and proactively on your behalf, rolling with the changes, and making sure you are happy and find the property that checks the boxes it needs to!

It would be an absolute pleasure to welcome you to this incredible place, introduce you to a network of so many incredible people, businesses, and make sure you are set up for success in your new home, project, & purchase!

P.S. My clients DO become my friends, so if you don’t like new friends, this might not work out, ha! (just kidding)

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Whether you’re looking to:

  • Book your next family staycation
  • Lock in your student rental for the next academic year
  • Find for someone who knows and loves the Narragansett area to help you find  the perfect year round rental
  • Hire Randall Realtors to take the reins on booking your investment property rentals for you

I would absolutely be delighted to support you! Narragansett is such a special place and we would love nothing more to help you begin your journey here!


There’s nothing I love more than sharing helpful information, helping people connect with others, and sharing all that we love about Narragansett. Hence the start of The  “What’s Good In Gansett” podcast! (available on iTunes & spotify)

When you know where to go, what to do, who to call for whatever fill-in-the-blank project you need, and where to get your morning coffee- life is just a lot less stressful! Not to mention- you feel so good about supporting local and getting to KNOW the people behind the business!

Before moving to Narragansett, I never felt the true meaning of what “Love Where You Live” actually meant. I am so happy you are here, you’re looking to become a resident in some capacity, and looking forward to you tuning into the podcast to always be in the know!

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