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8 Best Neighborhoods in Southern R.I. For Waterfront Property

Posted by kaitlynpimentelrealestate on March 3, 2022

Are you looking to live in Southern RI Rhode Island where you feel like you’re on vacation 24-7, you’re just steps away from the water but have no idea which areas might be the best fit for you and your lifestyle but you don’t want to give up “privacy”? Well grab a pen and paper and stress no more! because in today’s blog I’ll be sharing my top favorite 8 best neighborhoods in Southern RI  (mostly in Narragansett ironically for beautiful waterfront property ideas that leave you feeling like you’re on a year-round staycation. So that you can research the areas that you can walk right out the back door, jump in the water or grab a towel and your beach cruiser for a quick scenic ride. If you like to prone board, paddle board, kayak, boat and swim- Stick around until the end where you find out my top neighborhood in Narragansett to call your coastal home and why!


#8 Matunuck Beach, South Kingstown

If you’re a surfer- this is such paradise! While the lot sizes are a bit smaller here, you make up for it by sharing your backyard with the ocean and feeling “away from it all.” Here you’ll find Adorable salt ponds, beaches, and Matunuck Beach Road is filled with Waterfront property. If you’re a surfer grab your board and head on over to Deep Hole for legendary surf break for all levels!

#7 Bonnet Shores, Narragansett

Bonnet Shores gives off such a beach cottage vibe equipped with shingle style, classic coastal landscaping and beautiful yards with gorgeous views! As you get closer to the water or higher in elevation you can really take in such a beautiful coastline and cove if you’re facing Narragansett. The lots are a bit smaller here, but a price to pay for being just seconds from the water. As you get closer toward the Bonnet Beach Club area and up toward the top of the cliff, the views are absolutely breathtaking. When the surf is breaking here- it is the best left you’ll ever have! Swim, surf, paddle enjoy all that Bonnet has to offer here!

#6 Quonochontaug, Charlestown

Quonochontaug is an absolutely stunning beach/community village located in Charlestown RI with the most beautiful seaside views! Like many little neighborhoods and villages in Rhode Island- I think the part I love most is the Cape Cod (Dennis Port) vibes it gives off with nearly everything being shingle style architecture. The styles of each home are just so tastefully done regardless of size- whether it’s a cozy little beach cottage or larger home with expansive views from every floor. It feels so peaceful here especially the homes bordering the coastline and breachway with boats and docks galore! This neighborhood feels so open and you can just smell the ocean air!

Weekapaug Rhode Island

#5 Weekapaug, Westerly

Weekapaug is just the most beautiful & due to lot sizes- can offer backyard privacy. Here you’ll find much larger lot sizes for my big yard friends out there. Not only can you have a larger back yard but you can also be sitting oceanfront enjoying the crashing waves and salt air! This is one of my favorite little spots for seeing people walk their dogs with a view or just go for a year round neighborhood stroll with ocean always in sight!

#4 Great Island, Narragansett

Here you’ll find adorable shingle style cottages with such individual flare, with both new and loved-for-generations all seamlessly integrated. Enjoy the boatlife right from your back door (similar to Harbour Island which we’ll chat about soon! Like Harbour Island- you have such a warm “welcome home feel” as you cross over the bridge separating the Galilee & Great Island neighborhood. This is a quaint-small neighborhood feel, offering private backyards, boat docks, and a true boating neighborhood,You don’t mind being away from downtown Narragansett due to only being about a 5 minute ride to the Pier! Just a short stroll to Galilee over the bridge!!

Watch Hill, Rhode ISland

#3 Watch Hill, Westerly

As we discussed in my last blog- one of the reasons I love Watch Hill is how historic and iconic it is. I feel like someone just dropped me back in history with all the beautiful stone work and classic shingle style coastal architecture. Watch Hill speaks to me for its expansive feel and large private lots. It’s a unique set up similar to Weekapaug because you can be waterfront while also having room to roam in your own backyard! For a dog person who loves beautiful architecture and the ocean- this get’s a 10/10 from me!

#2 Harbour Island, Narragansett

Harbour Island has a soft spot in my heart because dear family friends have lived there for generations, we love the history of it & the welcoming vibe! Harbour Island is only minutes from the Pier, but you feel like you’re away from it all! While these lots are much smaller, when you’re in the backyard reading a book on your deck or dock, you feel as if in your own world & surrounded by such serenity. This is a tight knit community filled with pockets of homes sprinkled between salt ponds and beautiful seagrass- absolute heaven on earth. People have been here for generations and you’ll see why! In the heart of the neighborhood there is an adorable association beach for the neighborhood to enjoy- equipped with Marina, fire pit, swimming area and a place to relax! It is truly a water enthusiasts dream who is looking for their little quiet oasis.

Narrow River, Narragansett

#1 Narrow River

Where do I begin with Narrow River! Narrow River is approximately 7 miles long and runs between Narragansett, South Kingstown & North Kingstown. Narrow River is so unique in so many ways- but the number one thing I love is how protected and clean it is due to the hard work of great organizations like NRPA, DEM, CRMC, Save The Bay and many others. Living in a coastal community like this AND having a clean river to play in brings such joy and truly the reason why we moved here. We moved here visiting friends in Narragansett who surf, open water swim, prone paddle and for those reasons, we never left. Communities surrounding the Pettaquamscutt neighborhood, or any property on Middlebridge Road, Mettatuxet and Saunderstown- you will find some of the most gorgeous homes with the water enthusiasts seal of approval! At the very beginning of Narrow River you will find a location called “The Rivermouth” and this is where you’ll find little row boats, whalers and pontoon boats parked at the Rivermouth on a sunny Summer/Fall day with pups included. Our favorite pastime is paddling/waking down and hanging out there for the day and bringing a float to float down the nature made “lazy river.” We are so grateful to spend countless hours playing in the river and it is truly one of the most memorable places in all of Narragansett for me.

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Now that you know about my top 8 waterfront neighborhoods in Southern Rhode Island, you may also be interested in learning my top favorite neighborhoods with water views!

Where you’re close enough, but still enjoy the salt air and ocean sea breezes without actually owning waterfront.


Thank you as always for reading and hope to see you next week!

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