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Local Business Spotlight: Narrow River Preservation Association

Posted by kaitlynpimentelrealestate on September 29, 2021

Like yourself- to Mike and I, Narrow River is one of the most magical places in Narragansett. So many memories (no matter the time of year) have been shared and created. Thank you to the Narrow River Preservation Association for all that you do in protecting, advocating for and keeping it safe for all of us to enjoy!

In today’s episode of the What’s Good In Gansett podcast we chat with Rebecca Russell-Program Coordinator, Richard Grant- President of the Narrow River Preservation Association! We dive in  about what they do, why they do it and how it affects us locals, visitors, Narrow River property owners and those living in the watershed!

Living here in coastal southern Rhode Island, we have breathtaking beauty all around us. But with that beauty comes great responsibility. Sharing what that responsibility is and helping current and future homeowners is my absolute mission, passion and one of the large reasons why I love specializing in coastal homes.

Brady, Bear & Turtle (and Mike and I) enjoying a fun little sandbar day on Narrow River!


What we do on land (regardless of how far away we live from the ocean, salt ponds or rivers) has a direct impact on what happens in our oceans. A huge thank you and much appreciation to both Rebecca & Richard for sharing the history of Narrow River Preservation Association and helpful (and easy) home ownership/lifestyle tips to help us protect the beautiful river we love to enjoy!

Narrow River, Narragansett

Again, I truly hope learning more about what it’s like to be a coastal/waterfront home owner has been helpful here on the What’s Good In Gansett blog/podcast! If you ever have any questions about anything coastal home related, please always know I am here to help! Whether it’s a local contractor recommendation for a denitrification system, ideas for a rain garden designer, local builder/architect for that perfect waterfront shingle style home, or whatever it might be- I promise you if I don’t know the answer I will absolutely find it.

With that, let’s dive on in to today’s episode and learn what we can do to help our beautiful Narrow River! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!





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