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Your Narragansett Pier Summer Staycation Guide!

Summer Staycation Guide- Narragansett Pier
  • Hey there, friend! Kaitlyn here 👋🏼 ⁣
  • Remember the last time you went to visit one of your best friends in a place you’ve never been to before? They showed you all their favorite spots, local places and it was a 10/10 experience!

Mike (my husband) and I LOVE when friends come to visit this time of year because, we too, love to make sure our friends have a great visit and get a taste of what Narragansett is like! Selfishly, we hope they love it so much that they want to relocate here so we can continue to grow our little friend compound, ha! #manifiestation

Anywho- two Falls ago I had the idea of creating a Fall-Staycation Guide for our little beach town. Sure enough, that turned into a Winter Guide, then a Spring Guide, and now a Summer Guide!!

I know we haven’t exactly “met” yet but regardless, if you were one of our friends coming to visit, everything in this guide would be exactly what we would recommend!!

Have THE best time and enjoy!!

CLICK HERE to download your Summer Staycation Guide!

  • 📍P.S. Having a hard time finding a summer rental? No stress! ‘Beach Haven’ (the cutest 3 bedroom South Kingstown cottage with Narrow River Views) just went live and still has availability for you! click here to take a peak!

✨🏡 🌊⁣  



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