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Eco-Friendly & Biocompatible Local Hand Sanitizer w/ Dr. Greg Altman

Posted by kaitlynpimentelrealestate on April 14, 2021
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In today’s episode, be prepared to go to hand sanitizer school! Given the current situation (when this was recorded), we now use hand sanitizer multiple times- DAILY. Have you ever thought about what’s actually IN that clear gel you use?

Before the COVID-19 pandemic I would use hand sanitizer to wipe down my phone/hydro flask after the gym & hands after going to the store or pumping gas. I’m a pretty hormone conscious consumer and try to limit the use of chemicals when I can- and thought I was using a “healthier” sanitizer. I was so wrong.

Dr. Greg Altman, CEO and Co-Founder of the non-profit green chemistry company: Evolved By Nature & Evolved By Nature Consultant, Michael Pimentel, help us understand what healthy hand sanitizer looks like, feels like, what it DOESN’T include and what we’re doing for our environment by making the switch to a biocompatible product.

A leading expert in natural silk biomaterials, Greg leads strategy and innovation at Evolved By Nature™. His extensive research into silk’s biocompatibility with the human body led to the creation of his first company, Serica Technologies, where he and Dr. Rebecca Lacouture developed the first FDA-approved silk-based medical device for soft tissue reconstruction. This breakthrough technology was acquired by Allergan, where Greg served as Vice President of Research and Development and General Manager before co-founding Evolved By Nature in 2013. The inventor for several patents on clean silk technology, Greg holds a PhD in Biotechnology Engineering and BS in Chemistry from Tufts University. He is married to an environmental sociologist and is the proud father of two boys.

Michael Pimentel is Narragansett resident on a mission to help improve our oceans quality, help educate those on biocompatible & eco-friendly products, and passionate about giving back to his community. For the past 15 years, Michael is a Health & Fitness Professional and a Strength & Conditioning Specialist at Brown University. Michael understands what it’s like to “not know” about what’s in our sanitizers, so this is near and dear to his heart to help educate the public alongside Evolved By Nature. Michael enjoys swimming, prone paddling, surfing & enjoying our beaches in Narragansett with his wife and 3 boxers.

This conversation is too exciting to prolong- so without further ado- let’s dive on in!

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