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Hey there, friend! Welcome to the “What’s Good In Gansett” Blog!

Posted by kaitlynpimentelrealestate on September 29, 2020

Your one-stop-shop for all things Narragansett, real estate, community, businesses, and celebrating our happy place!

Hi there, friend! WELCOME!

My name is Kaitlyn Pimentel, real estate sales associate with Lila Delman International Real Estate here in Narragansett!

Some of you might know me from good ole- IG, the golf world, just passing in Narragansett, maybe from surfing, or maybe you’re a listener of “The What’s Good In Gansett” podcast already?!

Anywho- I felt drawn to start this blog as a way to connect with our local community and those who are desperately trying to find their happy place here in Narragansett, too! After moving here a few weeks back, my husband and I quickly learned this was it. We’re never moving. This is where we’ll be for the rest of our lives.

We do things we’ve always dreamed of or “saw” others doing from afar on the famous highlight reel we can social media, ha! We’re able to take to the dogs to the beach in the mornings, join our local N.O.S.E group (Narragansett open water swim enthusiast) and our closest friends for a swim, prone paddle & surf with family before sunrise, and just sit on the sea wall and be grateful for all of it.

Moving here instantly catapulted my interest in learning the history of this beautiful town, what the infamous Towers and former Casino used to look like, the history and stories of historic homes on ocean road, and a deep appreciation for classic New England architecture right here in our backyard.

My friends and colleagues in the golf fitness world gave me the “you’re doing what now?” look when I started telling people I was getting my real estate license.

They would say: “Kaitlyn, you were just named by Golf Digest- Top 50 Golf Fitness Trainer in the US! And now you’re doing real estate?!”

You see, for over the past decade I have been teaching golfers how to get strong, avoid injury and train like athletes. I LOVE creating a team around someone, helping them crush their goals, work hard, problem solve and be damn proud of it (excuse my language!). In my opinion, working with someone as their trusted Real Estate Professional is NO different than being their PGA Certified Golf Strength & Conditioning Coach. I am forming a team around the person, helping them achieve a goal (purchase/sell) and help them make one of the largest decisions to help move the needle forward in their financial/lifestyle goals!

No difference:)

Enough about me! I just wanted to hop in here, get to know each other, and hope that you will follow along, ask questions, and be apart of this little corner of internet real estate we have together! (see what I did there, ha!)


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Thank you so much for being here and reading along! I look forward to hopefully meeting in person and helping you in anyway I can!

That’s all for now!

Warm regards,


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